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In 2015/2016, God sowed the seed of BOW (Bringing Our Worship) in the hearts of Seyi Alesh and Tomi Favored. The imagery received to explain this vision after the name itself came in prayer was a huge plane with the given acronym B.O.W. inscribed on it.

This plane was going from city to city, some coming onto it and some coming off of it, but continuously implementing worship of the Lord Jesus Christ in the places the plane rested before proceeding to the next.

Several questions arose about the purpose and necessity of such a given mission. For one, there were already worshippers wherever this worship was going… and then, it wasn’t stationary, so its impact was to happen, and then it does not remain to steward the outcome. But why?

After much prayer and seeking God’s face for understanding, clarity has come over the years that just as many evangelists were ordained in the body of Christ to go around the world from city to city preaching the gospel oratorically, people like Reinhard Bonnke, so also there was a call on us for evangelistic gospel music ministry. Revival through music and collective worship.

We heard, “You are called not just to the four walls of a church but to the four corners of the earth.”

Those words created a certain concern because, as music ministers, itinerant ministry was often looked upon as instability or restlessness by some. But the understanding God gave was that His calling to us was to let Him use us to revive the worship of Himself among His people in various places. Unlike the nuances of familiar and legitimate itinerant ministry where music ministers may go from one event to another to be a blessing, may be blessed with an honorarium, and may have come to promote their music or brand because of their reach, this call specifically would cost much more because it is a task of sowing seeds of revival in various congregations of the body of Christ. The burden would be on us to go per God’s instruction, even sometimes when men haven’t summoned us to fulfill the call.

Practically, fulfilling this purpose would shake up the places we go, bring souls either not planted or displaced at the time into this place of worship, reintroduce or present the gospel to them, and then commit them into the hands of the ministries involved at that time for continued discipleship while we move on to the next evangelistic location God sends us to with our worship. It would be a labor of love, requiring consistent investment on our part.

As we have obeyed, however, we have begun to see God bringing ministries, music ministers, God-loving businesses and organizations to partner with and support this vision of cooperatively Bringing Our Worship. To properly steward any possible resources, we implemented Favored Generation, a non-profit organization with a 501(c)3 status.

The scripture given to us for Favored Generation, the non-profit handling BOW affairs, was Psalm 145:4, which states that one generation will praise God’s works to another. The understanding of that scripture referred us to Judges 2:8-12 where it explains how Joshua died and a generation which did not know the Lord or the things He had done sprung up, and because of their ignorance, they became evil and worshipped false gods. Our task with BOW was becoming clearer. We began to see several great men and women of God make their peaceful exit, and a heavy burden of communicating worship and the gospel to the next generation sprung up in us because, though God’s works are eternal, a generation only lasts about 120 years or thereabout and if the next isn’t taught and evangelized outside of the confines of religion about relationship with God, they will no longer know the Lord.

As itinerant worship ministers, we weren’t trying to start a church but to work with churches in those various locations to stir up their city and their communities with the sounds of worship from ministers God would assign and help them revive many, welcome many into their sanctuary and carry on the Godly work of discipleship with them. We also understood that spiritually, our worship would be Service and Warfare wherever we’d go. Service upwards to God in bringing Him our worship, service laterally to our brothers and sisters by drawing them to worship and revival, and service and warfare downward as we would be serving the kingdom of darkness notice in that region legal notice that Jesus Christ is renewing His work and reclaiming every lost ground. We would herald this message to the region and then move.

As we are learning to embrace this mission and ministry God has entrusted to us, with the blessing of our home church shepherds and the counsel of tried and faithful men and women of God who have gone ahead of us, we continually see God’s strength being made perfect in our weaknesses. God keeps providing resources through His other children to whom He speaks, enabling us to function effectively wherever we go and encouraging us with testimonies and further words of prophecy and revelation after that help us continue the work. We believe this is the purpose for which God created us in such a time as this, and we have heard Him prophetically tell us about the hundreds of thousands we will see in the future from this obedience.

”For we are His workmanship [His masterwork, a work of art], created in Christ Jesus [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, ready to be used] for good works, which God prepared [for us] beforehand [taking paths which He set] so that we would walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us].“ Ephesians 2:10 AMP

Our goal is not self-aggrandizement or popularity. In all earnestness, the burden has been heavy, and often, God has had to strengthen us in our weaknesses, which would otherwise have us relinquish the mission. Especially since we often don’t follow prescribed ways of “doing things,” and the ministry framework isn’t for making money. But God always shows Himself faithful and beautifully takes the glory. So we don’t relent. We continue and are certain that this calling is without repentance. Our gifts will give all back to God, and we will see souls revived to their maker. Where words fail, worship will prevail, and we will all, one generation to the next, one city to the next, one culture to the next, BRING OUR WORSHIP.

For events we’ve been doing, some of the practical/technical needs we’ve encountered have been as follows:

– 500+ capacity venue
– Digital audio Mixer
– 4 lead mics, 9 Backup mics, 2 crowd mics
– 22 in-ear monitors
– 3 keyboards
– Drum Set with Drum mics
– Bass Amp
– Guitar Amp
– Sax – 2 Channels
– Livestream
– Multi-channel recording
– Video (External Recording)
– Personnels – (Ushers, Security, Protocol, Media, Hospitality).
– Green Room
– 6 Hotel Rooms
– 5 bedroom Airbnb (x3)
– Catering for Guest Ministers, Band Members, and Volunteers
– Gift Boxes for Guest Ministers
– Honorariums
– 3 SUV Car Rental (for the Protocol & Hospitality teams)

We have had 7 BOW events in:

– 2016 BOW Dallas
– 2018 BOW Houston 1
– 2019 BOW Houston 2
– 2023 BOW Lagos
– 2023 BOW Market Computer Village, Lagos
– 2024 BOW Toronto
– 2024 BOW Ottawa

Upcoming BOW Events

– BOW New Jersey
– BOW Toledo